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We started meeting for the very first time in July 2021, and would love to welcome you. We know it can be a bit intimidating coming along to something for the first time, so we've done what we can to help you get to know us on the website, and we'd love an email or a phone call. But the best way of finding out what we're really like is to come along! All are welcome - come as you are.

We run groups for children and adults before church, where we think about different topics or areas in the Christian life.

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our mission:

sharing life in christ

Each of us


With one another


As widely as we can


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“I have come that they may have life and have it to the full” 

John 10:10

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We're convinced the gospel mandates us to look after the weakest and most vulnerable. We're working hard to make church a safe place.

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